How YSCL Plays an Important role for a Cricketer

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YSCL Selection Process


The registration process is quite simple. Are you above 12 years of age? If yes, this is the beginning of your career in cricket. For such an event which is such massive in the sports arena, a nominal registration fee is charged. You can get registration with the only Rs. 750. This will give you a chance to play for the trials. These trials are held all over India in 23 states.


After the registration, the player will showcase his talent in the trial match. After getting selected the player is enrolled for Young Stars Cricket League (YSCL) with the additional fees of Rs. 6000. The League charges entitle him to play for the state level in Young Stars Cricket League. The state-level cricket league is their ticket to National level auctions.


The talent and determination of the player will take him places. There is a team of selectors who have expertise in finding the right gem who will be the future star in the field of cricket. The experts will guide and motivate them to find their flair to play the best cricket. The mentors will give handy tips to each budding player in the selection camp.



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